Smart Alarms.

Agility3-Solution-540x510_1 Alarms

Agility™ 3 is a state-of-the-art 2-way wireless alarm system designed for the residential and small business markets that provides more than a standard home security system.

cloud Alarms

Agility™ 3 supports visual verification with a self monitoring Smartphone app (also available via web browser) which enables homeowners to control their alarm systems remotely as well as view real-time images taken inside their premises with the eyeWave™ wireless PIR camera detector which communicates with the RISCO Cloud server.

phone Alarms

In the event of an alarm, the PIR camera is automatically activated and captures a sequence of images which it sends to users via RISCO’s Smartphone/ web Application.

This capability enables users to view the images and confirm if there is a crime in progress. Monitoring stations can also benefit from the visual verification feature as the capability to ascertain whether there is a false alarm will save them valuable time and resources.

RISCO Alarms

Protecting Your Home and Family

Home Alert Smart Alarm System

Protect your family and lifestyle directly from your smart device giving
you total control at your property or anywhere in the world 24/7

The latest innovation in wireless security technology providing real time
images when triggered or on demand through your mobile device

Moving away from old technology, Smart TV Aerials embrace what’s new and work
hard to bring you the latest and newest innovations in security

Our Home Alert system by Risco offers total flexibility along with cutting edge
technology and was voted No1 alarm system by installers in 2015.

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Let’s look at some Alarm facts and why our Smart Alarm is ahead in its field

The installation of an intruder alarm is one of the simplest and most cost effective deterrent against break-ins. It acts as a first line defence in protecting your property and family.

The system we install is cutting edge wireless technology designed to be totally effective against unwanted activity around your property, with instant notification to your mobile device, should there be any disturbance within or around the protected area.

Our Alarms are revolutionary here’s why:

Easy to use: Your alarm can be set and unset by a single key fob (similar to a car) or by a numerical keypad on exit/entry of your property. We will also connect your alarm to your mobile device, giving you full control from the mobile app. The benefits are huge.

False Alarms no longer a problem:
In the unlikely event of a false alarm, you and others (with the app) will be instantly notified about the activity. If you opt for our detectors with built in cameras, multiple snapshots are sent directly to your mobile so you can identify the cause of the problem.

Complete Control from your Mobile App: Turn your alarm on and off from your mobile. You can disable individual rooms and zones and even take pictures on demand. Accessible from wherever you are; whether you’re at work, on holiday or just out and about. As long as you have a phone signal or wifi connection.

Alarm to Alert Mode: At any point in the day your alarm can be pre-set to change form an Alarm to an Alert system. It simply disarms itself as an Alarm at your pre-set time and rearms in Alert mode. If it is activated in Alert mode it only activates on your mobile device and not at the property. This is very useful for when the kids get home from school so you know they’re safe.

Installation: You can be confident that your alarm system will be fully supplied, fitted and configured to the highest standard. We will ensure that you are 100% happy with how it works so you get the best from your alarm system, with all its features fully explained and demonstrated. We are always one phone call away.

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Agility3-Solution-540x510_1-1 Alarms
  • Fully Installed Risco Agility 3 Wireless Alarm System
  • 1 X Control Panel
  • 1 X LCD Display Keypad
  • 2 x Wireless PIR Sensors / Optional Pet Tolerant version at no added cost
  • 1 X Wireless Alarm Door Contact
  • 1 X Wireless External Alarm Bellbox
  • Part Arm Function
  • 12 Month Onsite Warranty. Extendable to Lifetime Warranty
  • 2 X Proximity Tags used for arming/disarming alarm

Complete fully installed Alarm kits from £599.00

*Basic packages start from this price, any extra products/features will add additional fees.

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*Basic packages start from this price, any extra products/features will add additional fees.


  • This is a great package to start. You can easily add some of the additional features at a later date. There is a security component to cover all aspects of security in your home.
  • You don’t need to worry about choosing here and now one of our security engineers will be happy to advise you on a package that suits your needs and your property. Our engineers carry all the components on your free home survey.