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Sales: we specialise in sales of High Definition CCTV equipment for home users as well as larger systems to many other business industries and establishment customers.
Service: we pride ourselves on giving great customer service, we go the extra mile to assist both before and after making a purchase, we give honest straight talking clear advice without confusing you.

We supply AHD (analog high definition) and HD IP (internet protocol) CCTV Security cameras and HD video recorders. With HD resolutions of 1080P and 5 Megapixel IP systems you are guaranteed a clear picture. 

Our complete CCTV Kits are a small example of CCTV system kits we can supply, you can mix and match cameras, DVRS and cables..from a single HD IP CCTV camera to a full 128 camera system we can help..Contact us for a bespoke CCTV Kit System

New ProductsOver the last year there has been an explosion of new technologies to get HD 1080P over coax, various manufacturers have developed independent technologies TVI and CVI technologies have been developed by two separate manufacturers and are not compatible with each other and is unclear if they are backward compatible with older CCTV systems. We have chosen to ignore these technologies for the moment in favour of AHD which is a open source technology and is fully backward compatible with older style analogue CCTV equipment and does not risk being on the loosing side of a tech war.

HD-IP is also keeping ahead of coax based systems this year with the release of our new 5 Megapixel range giving twice the resolution possible on a coax based system, incorporation of the new H.265 compression means less bandwidth and storage is required, new video analytics is starting to creep in still making HD-IP the futureproof equipment to buy.

The new range of DVR & NVR recorders share the same on screen menu structure and features for both AHD and HD-IP, both use the same Central Management Software which is available for PC and Apple Mac OSX computers as well as the same XIQ Mobile CMS mobile app for smart phones and tablets.

We are not just box shifters of generic cctv products, we research and learn our products, and our technical support is outstanding. We technically support all of our customers for the lifetime of the product.


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HD 1080p

Our new HD range is here, and it’s fantastic. More detail than ever before.



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