SMART home security Always on, always there

With SMART protection, when your smart alarm monitored home alarm is triggered by an intruder, it’s never ignored. Our security professionals contact you and your nominated keyholders straight away, so you have more time to return home and secure your property.

visonic-next-mcw2-700x700-300x300 Home Alarm

Fewer wires, more technology

The days of messy and disruptive alarm installations are long gone. SMART home intruder alarms use the latest proven wireless technology, so we can fit them quickly with the minimum amount of fuss.

The flashing blue lights that burglars hate

The mere sight of an SMART home bell box is enough to make most thieves turn and walk away 

Pet friendly, not burglar friendly

If you have pets you need never worry about them setting off your home alarm system by accident. We can design a system around your pets and home that suit your everyday needs, providing you with peace of mind, where your pets are free to roam whilst keeping your home protected.


Build on the security you’ve got

Once you have an Smart home intruder alarm, your security doesn’t have to stop there. You have the flexibility to add more complex solutions which can monitor smoke and carbon monoxide in your home.


Wi-Fi that never lets you down

Our intruder alarm systems use dual inputs. This means that even if the power or network goes down, your system won’t.


No more codes to remember

Technology has moved on. Our Police Response systems use key fobs which mean you can say goodbye to punching in a code to turn your alarm on or off – a quick tap is now all it takes.


Add smoke and carbon monoxide detection

You can choose to upgrade your system to also include smoke and carbon monoxide detection for added reassurance. Protecting your home and family whether you’re in or out.