Home WIFI Keep your home connected…

and say bye to weak WIFI.

Wi-Fi-home Home WIFI

WIFI is the main connection to the internet and what connects all of your technology together. We provide a cost effective solution to bring an end to weak Home WIFI signals throughout your family home.

By installing a Home WIFI access point you are professionally upgrading your Home WIFI signal to supply faultless, uninterrupted and seamless internet connectivity.

The main difference between our access point and a high street “Plug and play”  solution is that it is wired directly to your router to provide a second wireless ‘bubble’ rather than extending the original.

This gives us the opportunity to position the access point in the perfect spot to effectively cover your property

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The most cost effective way for a permanent weak WIFI Solution.

Put an end to weak WIFI with 100% results

  • No more weak internet coverage in upstairs bedrooms
  • Creates ample coverage for your smart television and Smart box
  • Connects any new smart home plug and play devices together
  • Provides seamless WIFI to any wireless games consoles

Home WIFI Connect Access Point Kit

1 X Access point TRX
1 X CAT6 Internet Network Cable
fully fitted and configured to your router

From only £189.99 Inc VAT and Fitting

Sockets and installation accessories available. Multi-access points available, subject to property size and requirements.