Visonic Powermaster 30


Receive pre-recorded voice call alerts in case of an event


Arm or Disarm specific areas of your Home, say Upstairs only


Allows your dogs and cats to freely walk around your home


Receive alerts on your phone when the system is triggered


Sound and strobe lights to alert people


The alarm will be triggered if the cover, base or power are altered

Need More Sensors?

Add an extra PIR sensor to your burglar alarm kit to monitor more rooms.

We suggest 4 PIR sensors 1 door contact for a normal semi detached 3 bed house with 2 exits.

A wide range of accessories

Add shock sensors, CO detectors, smoke sensors, dummy siren, proximity tags and other security add-ons

Phone calls

Real phone calls from your security system that tells you if it is a fire, burglar or a panic alarm


Add GSM module to receive text message with alarm information at the time of an event

No Push Message

Push notifications on your App with details of the sensor that triggered the Alarm

No Email

Emails with the details of the scene and the status of sensors when the alarm goes off

No Telephone ? Get Connected via SIM

Visonic Powermaster 30 allows the security system to be connected via a mobile phone SIM card that enables your intruder alarm system to communicate over the GSM networks for system alerts. It can be used as the primary communication or as a back up for the IP (Internet) or PSTN (Telephone) communications in case of communication failure.You can enjoy peace of mind by receiving real time SMS, voice messages and email alerts using the GSM module. It also supports two-way voice communication between you and the security system.

telephone-sim-300x200 Visonic-powermaster30

Add a backup GSM module to your intruder alarm

This enables your security system to alert you via mobile nework in case of PSTN communication failure

realistic-sim-card-hand-composition-vector-23387655-300x300 Visonic-powermaster30

AddSmartphone App to your Intruder Alarm Kit

Add the smart phone App integration module to enjoy full control of your home security system directly from any location as you go about your day. You can conveniently arm and disarm your system ??? anytime, from any location using the VisonicGo smartphone app. In the case of an event, receive real-time notification and check the status of the sensors to get the real picture of the security situation. 

mobile-phone-300x295 Visonic-powermaster30

  • Arm and disarm your security system from your smartphone
  • Check event history to know your security system status
  • Disarm your system remotely for your guests or delivery man
  • Remotely omit any sensor if needed

Say YES to your Insurance Provider


  • Battery backed up control panel
  • Intruders are detected as soon as they enter premises
  • Notifies that a robbery is underway
  • BS 8243 Compliant
  • Regular maintenance options available
  • Suitable for all low risk residential homes


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Specifications of PowerMax Complete Alarm:
Visonic PowerMaSTER 30 Control Panel

  • Two-way communication eliminates lost alarms and unnecessary re-transmissions
  • 64 wireless zones
  • 48 user codes
  • Supports partitions
  • Up to 48 hour back-up battery

Visonic PowerMaSTER 30 Control Panel

  • Coverage area: 15m (50ft) / 90??
  • Contemporary, sleek design suits any decor

Visonic Powermaster Magnetic Door Contact

  • Ideal for protecting doors, windows and other openings
  • User-selectable operation of auxiliary input

Visonic Siren

  • Loud 110db piezo siren
  • Differentiated alarm sounds for intrusion, fire, gas and flood

Visonic Powermaster key fob

  • One-click arming/disarming, emergency signalling, panic alarm and checking of system status

Specifications of PowerMax Complete Alarm:
Visonic PowerMaster 30 Control Panel

  • Optional 3G, GSM/GPRS and IP modules
  • Remote software updates
  • Built-in PSTN dialer
  • Audible voice notifications
  • Optional proximity reader
Visonic Powermaster Motion Detectors
  • Pet-tolerant version ignores animals weighing up to 38kg (85lb)
  • Compact size: 94.5 x 63.5 x 53mm (3.7 x 2.5 x 2.06in)Visonic

Powermaster Magnetic Door Contact

  • Back tamper switch options
  • Dimensions: 81 x 32 x 25mm (3.19 x 1.25 x 1in)

Visonic Siren

  • Dimensions: 295 x 186 x 63mm (11.63 x 7.31 x 2.5in)

Visonic Powermaster key fob

  • Visible signal quality indication shown on the device
  • Dimensions: 60 x 34.5 x 12.5mm (2.3 x 1.3 x 0.5in)