Modern Wireless Alarm and Home Automation Gateway

PowerMaster-360R is a professional modern wireless security and safety control panel, with optional home automation capabilities. It is suitable for residential customers and small to mid-size businesses that are looking for an advanced alarm and home automation system in a single platform.

The PowerMaster-360R provides a robust and scalable solution using Z-Wave, Wi-Fi and cellular 2G or 3G capabilities.

powermaster-360r-image-300x300 Visonic-powermaster360r

PowerMaster-306R Features:

  • PowerG technology for security devices
  • Touchscreen keypad
  • Connectivity to the premises router via Wi-Fi
  • Up to 64 zones and 48 user codes
  • Accommodates more than 120 wireless devices
  • Built-in siren
  • Up to 12-hour backup battery
  • Remote configuration and diagnostics with system status indications
  • Complies with strict security standard: EN 50131-3 Grade 2 Class II



visonic-go-300x150 Visonic-powermaster360r

Manage your home alarm control panel with your Smart Phone from anywhere and at any time.

Whether you are at home, at the office, on a business trip or on vacation, VISONIC-GO ensures the management of your Visonic burglar alarm system.
You can turn the system on or off: check the status of the detectors and view the rooms with the installed cameras.

Features of the App

  • View the status of the system from anywhere in the world – subject to internet or GPRS connectivity.
  • Set the alarm status – arm home or away, disarm.
  • Receive notifications of events – configurable as to what events are reported.
  • Recieve audio and visual alarm notifications directly on the App
  • View the event log
  • Receive images from CAM-PIRs connected to the system on alarm events
  • View any connected cameras on demand from the APP

Tyco-Visonic-PowerMasterG-PM360R Visonic-powermaster360r


Smart TV Aerials can visit your property to complete a free survey or in some cases provide a full quotation over the phone. All of our alarm installation complies with strict security standard: EN 50131-3 Grade 2 Class II. 

We provide various options depending on your requirements and can provide you with a detailed breakdown of the benefits of each part or component.  

All our home alarms are are wireless and use 2 way radio technology, this illuminates false alarms and provides added protection  from jamming.

Installation Time.

A typical home alarm installation usually takes approximately 3 to 4 hours depending on the complexity and how many devices are required. We will always advise on installation the time scale of the alarm installation.  

A typical house alarm installation consists of the following.

  • Visonic Powermaster-360R panel
  • 2 remote key fobs
  • 2 new style PIR’s
  • 1 micro door contact
  • 1 live hex bell
  • 12 months free cloud access.

PowerMaster360-R Visonic-powermaster360r


All new installations comes with our standard 1 year manufactures warranty. 

It is our promise to you that we will work hard to provide you with the very best Installation and/or Service and to meet, or exceed, your expectations in terms of professionalism, quality and timeliness.