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We supply & install many different HD CCTV systems

All our installations come with our minimum 1 year warranty 

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CCTV Bedfordshire is now becoming part of everyday life, crime seems to be increasing and home owners and business’s are taking action to protect what means most to them. Smart TV Aerials are experts in CCTV installations from helping you choose the correct solution to supplying the security that your property requires.

We help you understand if your current system can be upgraded or if you require a new installation, we also service old systems and can take over repairs and maintenance. 

We are preferred installation partners with Hikvision.

Why Install CCTV
With shrinking forensics budgets the Police are relying more and more on CCTV in order to solve crimes. The office for national statistics recorded that Police forces in England make 14 arrests for every 100 burglaries. Home CCTV can give much needed evidence in the event of crime happening on your property.

CCTV On Your Smartphone
All of our CCTV systems come with the ability to view your cameras from anywhere in the world via your phone or tablet. Unlike many security companies we do not charge any extra for setting up your phone or tablet and will even show you how to do it yourself so if you upgrade or change your phone you won’t have to pay to get the app reconnected again (something that many companies do).

DIY or Professional Installation
Choosing a CCTV system to install can be a minefield, you can go the DIY installation route with kits from Swann and Yale or you can get a professionally installed bespoke system from a security company. Smart TV Aerials believe that if you are going to protect your home with a CCTV system it should be fit for purpose. We can advise what system would best suit your needs what cameras would be best and either supply you the system to DIY Install or we can install the system for you. You will be pleasantly surprised by our professional service and our low installation prices.

We provide the following options that is suitable for your home or business:
  • Wired and wireless cameras
  • Digital, IP, HD & 4K cameras
  • Traditional cameras or vandal resistant dome cameras
  • Static or PTZ (pan, tilt & zoom) cameras
  • Covert cameras (e.g. disguised as motion detectors, smoke alarms or junction boxes)
  • A range of recording equipment that can download footage on to a range of formats, such as DVD, CD, or USB memory stick
  • Link up the recorder to view footage on your TV or PC
  • View live or recorded pictures of your cameras remotely from any Internet location, including on a smart phone or tablet


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Highly flexible CCTV | PTZ CCTV camera is a great choice.

Prices Start From £699.00

If you are looking for highly effective and highly flexible CCTV cameras the PTZ CCTV camera is a great choice.

With PTZ standing for pan, tilt and zoom features, it enables you to cover a wide area with far fewer cameras as well as giving you enhanced zoom features.

As well as pan, tilt and zoom features, you can also expand their functionality and use by using them with various software. This means that depending upon the type of PTZ camera you buy, you may be able to enjoy features such as tour recording, guard tour and audio. There is also a wide range of accessories available from mounting kits and joysticks for easy manoeuvring

CCTV Bedfordshire
 As CCTV installers for Bedfordshire we are able to install a wide selection of CCTV cameras, including PTZ cameras, ensuring the best results time after time.

We setup and demonstrate and can advise on any extras you may require

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If you’ve been keeping up with technology much the last couple of years, you’ll have heard the term 4K resolution or UHD mentioned a lot, with a great deal of excitement. 

The previous “full-HD” standard of 1920×1080 (more commonly known as 1080p) is being superseded by 4K resolution, or 3840×2160, boasting an impressive four times as many pixels as its predecessor.

This isn’t cutting edge, future technology either. It’s already here, and it’s being adopted as a common standard in a lot of industries.

It’s easy to see how such a large increase in pixel count (and thus image quality) is very useful in a CCTV application, and the price of a 4K camera continues to drop to something much more accessible, particularly when looking at Hikvision’s 4K camera offerings.

4K is only going to become more popular and implemented over the next few years, and based on our experiences with it so far it’s quite clear as to why


Have you purchased your own CCTV system? We are more than happy to provide a installation service only, ring us today to get a price for our services.

  • Installation

    Provide design & consultancy services

  • Monitoring

    Discuss how the  CCTV system is going to be monitored

  • Camera`s

    Advise on the most effective CCTV solution based on your premises and needs

  • Free quoations

    We provide free quotations on request

  • Lighting

    Suggest changes to lighting if it needs to be improved or changed

  • Warranty

    Every Installation comes with a minimum 1 year warranty